Reprogynes Medical Institute - IMRG

Medical and surgical expertise in the field of fertility and women's health.

Health care provision

The Reprogynes Medical Institute works to provide excellent services in the fields of obstetrics, gynaecology, and assisted reproduction, offering you a personalised medical and surgical care adapted to your needs.

Medical assistance for reproduction

We offer the latest technological innovations in the fields of ovarian stimulation, intrauterine insemination and in vitro fertilisation.


Whether in diagnostic or operative mode, we use flexible or rigid hysteroscopes of small diameter which guarantee minimal discomfort during the examination or the operation.

Gynaecological surgery

We provide surgical treatment for most benign gynaecological pathologies. Hospitalization is done on an outpatient basis in over 90% of cases.


Together with our collaborators, we carry out all the ultrasound investigations (with the new automated modes) and hysterosonographic investigations necessary for better sensitivity and diagnostic accuracy.


We offer a systematic evaluation of endometriosis and support tailored to your situation in order to slow down the progression of the disease while increasing the chances of natural or assisted pregnancy.

Prevention of infertility

Our Repro-Check® program offers you, by appointment, a complete and rapid assessment of your fertility potential.

A quick and easy care path

  • Simplified contact (secretariat, tele-secretariat, internet)
  • Time to first appointment optimised according to the demand
  • Dematerialisation of check-ups and additional tests
  • Proposal of the appropriate treatment and the expected results
  • Continuity of care ensured in case of need
  • Personalised care from the start till the end  

Frequently asked questions

How do I manage my time?

In the set of your treatment, appointments can be numerous and restrictive. Reprogynes Institute offers flexible time slots outside of working hours and teleconsultations when possible in order to avoid unnecessary travel.

What if my medical problem is complex?

It is possible that your clinical situation is difficult or proves to be complex in the course of your treatment. Reprogynes Institute offers to discuss your case by tele-expertise with your doctor or with another specialist if necessary.
Dr Yazbeck provides level 3 tele-expertise at national and international levels, and leads multidisciplinary teams particularly in the fields of endometriosis and infertility.

How to be organised during an ovarian stimulation cycle?

Since the law of 26 January n°2016-41 and the modification of article L1225-16 of the Labour Code, you can benefit from leave to enable you to manage the appointments necessary for your ART care pathway, for each attempt.

How can I preserve my quality of life?

Whatever your situation, you may feel stress and anxiety when faced with an illness or during treatment, particularly medically assisted reproduction, which can be lengthy. Do not hesitate to tell us about your concerns. We can offer you appropriate support from specialists who are used to dealing with this type of situation. We also advise you to contact certain patient associations that can accompany you during this particular period.

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